GPS 1x8 Timing Splitter - S18GT

The S18GT will support long-lasting, trouble free deployment in a small cell wireless and/or DAS environment. The device makes it possible to use a single GPS referencing antenna for synchronization systems, increasing capacity without increasing GPS antennas or cabling requirements.

Power is obtained from the GPS receiver(s) connected to the amplifier.  There is no need for a separate DC power supply or wiring.  DC power applied to the splitter is also passed on and utilized by an active antenna. It can obtain power on any of the four outputs from a GPS receiver connected to any port.

Key Features

  • Delivers L band frequency signals to multiple GPS synchronization modules and receivers
  • Conveniently powered from a GPS receiver on any output port
  • Amplified to offset splitter losses
  • Optimum signal quality with low noise and high gain
  • High isolation will eliminate receiver interaction

Technical Data

S18GT General Overview
S18GT Data Sheet

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