Military Qualified 1 x 4 GPS Splitter - MS14

This is a military qualified MS14 GPS splitter with one-input and four-outputs. It typically finds application where an input from an active GPS roof antenna is split evenly between four receiving GPS units.

The MS14 can be configured to pass DC from an RF output (J2) to the antenna input port (J1) in order to power an active GPS antenna on that port. The remaining RF outputs (J3, J4, and J5) would feature a 200 Ohm DC load to simulate an antenna DC current draw for any receiver connected to that port.

Alternatively, the MS14 can be configured with a MIL-STD-704 compliant 28 VDC Power Supply that will power the active GPS antenna connected to J1.

  • Designed & manufactured to military specifications
  • Amplified & passive versions available
  • Passes GPS, Galileo & GLONASS L1/L2, Protected GPS
  • Excellent Gain Flatness
       Gain | L1 - L2 | < 2 dB

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Technical Datasheet 

MS14 Datasheet
Why Use a Mil Spec Splitter?