GPS L1L2 COTS Ruggedized RackMount Splitter 1x16 Outputs - RRMS116

The RRMS116 Splitter is a 1-input 16-output rack mounted GPS L1/L2 signal divider designed to withstand shock and vibration. The most common use being the input from an active GPS roof antenna split to sixteen receiving GPS L1/L2 units or timing boards within a military ground vehicle.

Connector types can be based on customer requirements.

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Key Features

  • Passes GPS L1/L2
  • 19 x 8 x 3.5" housing (compatible with standard 19 in. racks)
  • Designed to withstand shock and vibration

Technical Data

RRMS116 Information Sheet

RRMS116 Technical Data Sheet

Product Drawings

RRMS116 Technical Drawing