Testing of avionics navigation equipment requires a GPS signal, which is not often available inside a hangar. MRO Hangar is a solution offered by GPS Source that conveys a live GPS signal inside an aircraft hangar for general testing, maintenance and repair of on-board Flight Management System (FMS) or GPS Navigation System flight navigation systems.

MRO Hangar marks the integration of the latest GPS smart amplifier technology into one solution. It is a smart system, offering signal conditioning, BIT detection, antenna monitoring and exact ERP control. Derived from high performance systems for military applications, the MRO-HANGAR system is safe and easy to use.

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The MRO-Hangar is only available to qualified parties, which include the following: International Customers (outside the U.S.), agencies of the US Federal Government, parties operating under the direction of the US Federal Government, parties that have received an STA or Experimental License under part 5 of the FCC rules, or parties that will be operating GPS Repeaters in an anechoic chamber.

Base System Includes

  • Signal Controller
  • Passive Antenna
  • Active Antenna
  • Mounting Equipment
  • Lightning Protection
  • RF Coax Cabling
  • (Other cable configurations are available)

Key Features

  • Precise control over output signal level
  • Passes L1 (L1/L2 optional)
  • High frequency selectivity
  • Perfect for any GPS applications involving a shielded room and/or automated testing environment

Available Options

    • Power Supply AC & DC
    • Filter L1/L2
    • Antenna monitor

Technical Data

MRO Hangar

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Note: All recipients and end users of GPS Source Retransmission products are solely responsible for adhering to all current and future Regulatory Policies governing repeater usage within the specific country of operation.  In the United States, an FCC Part V Experimental license is required for all non-US Federal Government and non-US Military applications as defined in the NTIA Manual 8.3.28.   Furthermore, all end users, resellers, and manufacturer representatives both domestically and internationally assume all responsibility and liability for following the rules and regulations associated with procurement, deployment and lawful operation within each respective region and country of use.