Antenna Hood - GPSRHL15

Complete end-to-end testing of GPS systems should include the application's receiving antenna. At a fraction of the cost of a full blown screen room or anechoic chamber, the GPS Source Antenna Hood (GPSRH) will supply your application's receive antenna with the necessary GPS signals.

Operating in conjunction with an outdoor active antenna and a coaxial cable, the GPS Source Antenna Hood will convey a signal to the application under test.

The standard hat creates an enclosed environment, eliminating the need for GPS repeaters.  The basic GPSRH15 is available online.  It comes with a 5 inch internal diameter and is lined with standard Eccosorb SF.  

Contact us for quote and ordering information or for further details on our antenna hood products.  This product requires a 5 week lead time.

Key Features

  • Enclosed Environment, Eliminating the Need for GPS Repeaters
  • L1/L2 Versions Available
  • Optional 0-30dB Variable Attenuation (requires in-line voltage to operate)
  • 5in. Internal Hood Diameter
  • Standard Eccosorb SF 1.5 Lining

Technical Data

GPSRH15 DataSheet

Product Drawings

Hat Assembly 1 Drawing
Hat Assembly 2 Drawing