MIL-STD DAGR Antenna 2.6" Round, Bottom Mount

For surface mobility, the GPS Source Mil-Spec DAGR antenna offers exceptional performance with unsurpassed reliability. Designed to support the Warfighter, the portable, yet precise GPS L1/L2 DAGR antenna receives the L1 & L2 signals. It complies with all RA-1 and RA-2 electrical and environmental specifications.

This antenna is also available with sidemounts or bulkhead connectors. The radome is available in a number of colors.

Key Features
  • Designed Specifically for Operation with DAGR (3.3VDC Input Voltage)
  • L1/L2 Dual Band
  • High Out-of-Band Rejection
  • Spec Compliant Performance over Entire Environment and Voltage Range
  • Multiple Color Options: Gloss White, Olive Drab Green, Lusterless Black, Desert Sand, Lusterless Gray
  • Bulk Mount or Side Mount Option

Technical Data

L1/L2 DAGR Antenna DataSheet - Bottom Mount
L1/L2 DAGR Antenna DataSheet - Side Mount