Precision Timing

A full product portfolio of products that synchronize, generate, distribute and measure precision time and frequency signals.

SecureSync Time and Frequency Reference System

SecureSync Time and Frequency Reference SystemThe SecureSync is built on a platform of configurable capability components, either by hardware, software or system integration, to offer precisely what you need with the lowest cost of ownership.Product Information

EC20S and EC22S Epsilon GPS Clock

EC20S and EC22S Epsilon GPS ClockEpsilon Clocks provide accurate and stable time and frequency signals for high-performance synchronization of digital broadcast signals (DVB-T/T2, T-DMB, DAB or DRM) in Single Frequency Networks (SFN) modes. Product Information

Epsilon Switch & Amplifier System

Epsilon Switch & Amplifier SystemHigh performance, highly manageable and reliable solution for distributing time and frequency signals for satcom, digital TV or audio broadcast, microwave links, satellite ground stations applications. Product Information

Enterprise-Class SecureSync

Enterprise-Class SecureSync SecureSync® combines Spectracom’s precision GPS master clock technology and secure network-centric approach with a compact modular hardware design in a 1RU chassis to result in a powerful, scalable and flexible time server. Product Information

PRISMA VelaSync High-Speed Time Server

PRISMA VelaSync High-Speed Time ServerServer appliance offers multiple 1GbE (RJ-45), 10GbE (SFP+), 25GbE (SFP28), and 40GbE (QSFP) network ports for set-up, management, and simultaneous NTP and PTP server/grandmaster capability with built-in network sync monitoring. Product Information

NetClock Public Safety Master Clock

NetClock Public Safety Master ClockThe latest generation of the NENA-compliant NetClock Master Clock / Time Server offers a  modular design for greater versatility, multi-network port card for separate, isolated networks, and optional PTP master/slave card. Product Information

NetClock GPS NTP Server

NetClock GPS NTP ServerHigh performance GPS NTP Time Server for small networks which only require one 10/100 network port and TCXO internal clock. Product Information

VersaSync Rugged GPS Time and Frequency Reference System

VersaSync Rugged GPS Time and Frequency Reference SystemA low SWaP, high performance GPS master clock and network time server that delivers accurate, software configurable time and frequency signals. Product Information

TSync Timing Boards

TSync Timing BoardsBoard-level timing ideal for domain controllers and other embedded applications. Available in PCIe, cPCI, PMC, PCI-104, VPX, and other form factors as needed. Includes Windows and Linux drivers.Product Information

TPRO/TSAT PCI Card Timecode Processors

TPRO/TSAT PCI Card Timecode ProcessorsTimecode Reader/Generator with PCI interface, Universal Signaling, 33/66 MHz Clock Frequencies. Product Information

PRISMA Compliance

PRISMA CompliancePRISMA Compliance is the first and only software solution that provides true UTC traceability and real-time reporting to comply with MiFID II and FINRA requirements. Gather, analyze and report on all the elements in your timing network in real time. Product Information

STL Option

STL OptionAs an encrypted signal 1000x stronger than GNSS, STL is an ideal solution for augmenting GPS or other GNSS constellations for resiliency and security or as a standalone indoor solution when roof access isn’t an option. Product Information

BroadShield Option

BroadShield OptionBroadShield for SecureSync is an interference detection suite that keeps your GPS/GNSS Synchronization safe from vulnerabilities caused by jamming and spoofing. Product Information

SecureSync LMR Master Oscillator

SecureSync LMR Master OscillatorSecureSync® platform designed for the rigors of time and frequency synchronization For Land Mobile Radio. This configuration is a drop-in replacement for the earlier generation of Ageless® Master Oscillators. Product Information

SecureSync PTP Grandmaster

SecureSync PTP GrandmasterOur SecureSync PTP Grandmaster Clock system supports Precision Time Protocol Version 2 (PTP v2) and provides a scalable configuration to handle network expansion and the need for increased speed of data transfer.  Product Information

SecureSync SAASM GPS Clock

SecureSync SAASM GPS ClockSecureSync® SAASM combines Spectracom’s precision time and frequency technology with secure Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM) based GPS receiver. Product Information

Skylight Indoor GPS Timing System

Skylight Indoor GPS Timing SystemThe solution for indoor GPS timing. Consisting of an indoor GPS antenna panel, a configuration of Spectracom’s SecureSync® modular GPS time server, and an interconnect cable, Skylight opens new possibilities for accurate GPS time. Product Information

GPS/GNSS Anti Jam Outdoor Antenna

GPS/GNSS Anti Jam Outdoor AntennaThe Model 8230AJ is a high gain (40 dB) GNSS outdoor antenna. It uses a three-stage low noise amplifier, a mid-section SAW, and a tight pre-filter to protect against saturation by high level sub-harmonics and L-band signals. The Anti-Jam antenna rejects signals for the lower elevation angles – where most of the interference comes from. Product Information

GPS/GNSS Antennas and Accessories

GPS/GNSS Antennas and AccessoriesGPS antennas and accessories are offered to ensure a reliable deployment of a GPS-based timing system.  Product Information

Synchronization Software

Synchronization SoftwareWindows time synchronization software supports precise synchronization hardware by improving operating system capabilities. Product Information

Time Displays

Time DisplaysThree types of display clocks available utilizing a NetClock network time server as the system's master clock to synchronize visual time as well as all other critical timing systems including computer network operations. Product Information