Mission-Critical Connectivity
SATEL is one of the world’s leading experts and innovators of radio modems for wireless data communication. Our solu-
tions are used in wide range of industrial applications. We are known for our high quality, expertise, service and support.
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Solutions for the
toughest challenges
SATELs radio modems and modules offer a rst-
class solution for GNSS RTK, remote measurement
and control applications. They are used e.g. in
land surveying, precision farming, machine con
trol, harbor logistics and port cranes.
Quality radio modems for
wireless data communication
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SATEL Compact-4BT
SATEL Compact-4BT is portable radio modem with wire-
less connectivity.
UHF multichannel radio modem (tuning range up to
70 MHz)
New model structure IP67 classied chassis with
internal batteries, easy to carry, versatile mounting
Wireless modem conguration via Bluetooth
(Android app)
Wireless data transfer via Bluetooth (SPP)
USB connections (serial data, modem conguration)
Exceptional vibration tolerance; excellent choice for
robust mobile use
SATEL Compact-4BT is compatible with SATELLINE-EASy
IP67 radio modems
For heavy-duty
outdoor use
SATEL Compact-4BT is an IP67 (NEMA 6) classied
UHF radio modem with integrated battery, Bluetooth,
wide tuning range and selectable channel spacing. It
is designed for easy mobile use in demanding eld
conditions. IP67 ensures it is waterproof and secured
against dust.
Mission-Critical Connectivity
SATEL Compact-4BT
Frequency 403 ... 473 MHz
Channel Width 12.5 / 25 kHz (Software selectable)
Carrier Power 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1 W / 50 ohm
Interface RS-232 / USB
USB USB to serial interface
Bluetooth BT2.1 + EDR and BLE 4.1
wireless connectivity
Data Speed of
Serial Interface 9600 – 115200 bps
Data Speed of
Radio Interface 28800 bps (25 kHz)
Modulation 4FSK, 8FSK, 16FSK, GMSK
(PacicCrest, TRIMTALK*)
Battery 3350 mAh Li-ion
Operational Time 6 hours @ TX 1 W (50 %)
(estimated) 8 hours @ TX 0.5 W (50 %)
20 hours @ RX only
Charging Time 4 hours @ 2A (estimated)
Operating Voltage +12 ... +30 Vdc
Power consumption Charging 7.4 W
12 Vdc Charging + RX 8.4 W
Charging + TX 13.2 W @ 1 W RF
Device OFF 0.46 W
RX 1.32 W
TX 5.8 W @ 1 W RF
DC charger +12 Vdc
Chassis IP67 class
Buttons Power ON / OFF
Bluetooth ON / OFF
Indicator LEDs Power, Bluetooth, TX / RX data
Temperature Range -25 °C … +60 °C (functional)
-40 °C … +85 °C (storage)
Size H x W x D 165 x 55 x 55 mm
Weight 420 g
Connectors M12 circular / TNC female
Values are subject to change without a notice.
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FI-24101 Salo, FINLAND
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