Mission-Critical Connectivity
SATEL is one of the world’s leading experts and innovators of radio modems for wireless data communication. Our solutions
are used in wide range of industrial applications. We are known for our high quality, expertise, service and support.
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Solutions for the
toughest challenges
SATEL’s radio modems and modules offer a first-class solu-
tion for GNSS RTK, remote measurement and control applica-
tions. They are used e.g. in land surveying, precision farming,
machine control, harbor logistics and port cranes.
Quality radio modems for
wireless data communication
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SATELLINE-4Pro is particularly well suited for mobile field applications
under varying weather conditions. Due to the high transmitting power,
connection distances over 80 kilometers can optimally be covered.
SATELLINE-4Pro uses Forward Error Correction (FEC); advance check
ing and correction of the data packets minimize the error rate.
In SATELLINE-4Pro network any substation can function as a repeater.
In this store and forward operating mode, the radio modem receives a
message, buffers the received data, and transmits it further to another
substation using the same radio channel as in reception.
SATELLINE-4Pro is compatible with SATELLINE-EASy products.
IP67 radio modems
For heavy-duty
outdoor use
SATELLINE-4Pro is an IP67 (NEMA 6) classified UHF radio modem with a
high power transmitter (35 W), high data speed (28.8 kbps), wide tuning
range and selectable channel spacing. It is designed for easy mobile use
in demanding field conditions. IP67 ensures it is waterproof and secured
against dust.
With the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and a keypad the user can monitor
the current operating status (frequency and channel number) and pow
er level, voltage level and field strength.
Mission-Critical Connectivity
SATELLINE-4Pro complies with the following international stan-
dards: FCC CFR47 part 90 and RSS-119 Issue 12
Frequency 406.180…470.000 MHz
Channel Width 12.5 / 25 kHz (Software selectable)
Carrier Power 2, 10, 20, 25 or 35 W / 50 ohm
TX Duty Cycle* 100 % (22 °C / 35 °C) 40 %
35 W 20 min / 13 min no limit
10 W no limit / 50 min no limit
Sensitivity < -117 dBm (BER < 10 E-3)**
Interface RS-232
Data Speed of
Serial Interface 9600 – 115200 bps
Data Speed of
Radio Interface 28800 bps (25 kHz)
14400 bps (12.5 kHz)
Data Format Asynchronous RS-232
Modulation 4FSK, 8FSK, 16FSK, GMSK
(PacificCrest, TRIMTALK***)
Input Voltage**** +9 ... +16 Vdc
Connectors 4-pin ODU (power), 8-pin ODU (data),
TNC 50 ohm female (antenna)
Power Consumption < 1.8 W typical (Receive)
(average) 120 W typical (Transmit 35 W output power)
100 W typical (Transmit 25 W output power)
0.4 W typical (Sleep State)
Temperature Range - –30 °C … +60 °C
Operating –40 °C … +75 °C (absolute min / max)
Construction Aluminium Enclosure
Size H x W x D 189 x 138 x 71 mm (w. connectors)
Weight 1420 g
Values are subject to change without notice.
* If high output power is used continuously or with a high duty cycle, the
equipment generates excess heat. The output power is automatically de
creased when necessary to prevent overheating. Typical operating times are
shown in the chart with different output powers and duty cycles @ 22°C and
** Depends on receiver settings.
*** TRIMTALK is a trademark of Trimble Navigation Ltd.
**** ≥ +12 Vdc @35 W output power
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