SATELLINE-M3-TR4 is a UHF data transceiver
module in a lightweight single board structure.
It is designed to be integrated into a host device,
for instance for transfer of GNSS correction data
in a land surveying rover or RTK base station.
It is equipped with all necessary features; such
as 70 MHz tuning range (403...473 MHz) in one
hardware, selectable channel width and low
power consumption. The radio module
conguration can be done with the SATEL
SL-commands or SATEL Conguration
Manager -soware.
SATELLINE-M3-TR4 is compatible with other
widely used SATELLINE modules and with
SATELLINE-EASy radio modems, as well as with
other manufacturers’ radio protocols.
of metres up to around 80 kilometres. Thanks to
a store and forward function, any radio modem
in a network can be used as a master station,
substation and / or repeater.
SATEL radio modem networks are exible, easy
to expand and can cover a wide variety of
solutions from simple point-to-point connections
to large networks comprising hundreds of modems.
Even for expanded networks, only one operating
frequency is required.
Setting up a local data transfer network is
quick and cost eective with SATEL radio
modems. The wireless network is independent
and free of operator services. The cost of
operation is either free of charge or xed,
depending on the frequency used. SATEL
radio modems are type-approved in
over 50 countries.
SATEL radio modems are always on line and
provide reliable, real-time data communications
over distances ranging from tens or hundreds
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