The SATELLINE-M3 is a small and
light-weight radio modem designed
for integration into the user’s terminal
equipment. The modem and trans-
ceiver are enclosed in an aluminium
A special advantage of the VHF fre-
quency band, is the wider coverage.
With the same carrier power and
antenna gain, the connection ranges
are 30 to 50 per cent larger than those
reached with an equivalent UHF radio
of metres up to around 80 kilometres. Thanks
to a store and forward function, any radio
modem in a network can be used as a master
station, substation and / or re-peater.
SATEL radio modem networks are exible, easy
to expand and can cover a wide variety of
solutions from simple point-to-point connections
to large net-works comprising hundreds of
modems. Even for ex-panded networks, only
one operating frequency is required.
Setting up a local data transfer network is
quick and cost eective with SATEL radio
modems. The wireless network is independent
and free of operator services. The cost of
operation is either free of charge or xed,
depending on the frequency used. SATEL
radio modems are type-approved in over
50 countries.
SATEL radio modems are always on line and
provide reliable, real-time data communications
over distances ranging from tens or hundreds
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SATEL VHF Radio Modems
Mission-Critical Connectivity