EASy Pro
of metres up to around 80 kilometres. Thanks to
a store and forward function, any radio modem
in a network can be used as a master station,
substation and / or repeater.
SATEL radio modem networks are exible, easy
to expand and can cover a wide variety of solutions
from simple point-to-point connections to large
networks comprising hundreds of modems. Even
for expanded networks, only one operating
frequency is required.
Setting up a local data transfer network is
quick and cost eective with SATEL radio
modems. The wireless network is independent
and free of operator services. The cost of
operation is either free of charge or xed,
depending on the frequency used. SATEL
radio modems are type-approved in
over 50 countries.
SATEL radio modems are always on line and
provide reliable, real-time data communications
over distances ranging from tens or hundreds
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FI-24101 Salo, FINLAND
Tel. +358 2 777 7800
SATEL UHF IP67 Radio Modems
SATELLINE-EASy Pro is an IP67 (NEMA 6)
classied UHF radio modem with a high power
(up to 25 or 35 W) transmitter and wide 70
MHz tuning range. It is designed for easy
mobile use in demanding eld conditions.
According to the IP67 standard, the casing
and connectors of the SATELLINE-EASy Pro
are waterproof and secured against dust.
In addition to the high output power and
wide tuning range, the channel spacing is
also selectable to be 12.5, 20 or 25 kHz. The
SATELLINE-EASy Pro is equipped with a Liquid
Crystal Display (LCD) and a keypad, used to
indicate the current operating status, as well as
for changing the operating channel and power
level of the radio modem.
Dependable data transfer
In the SATELLINE-EASy Pro the error rate is
minimized by means of advance checking and
correction of the data packets. In Forward
Error Correction (FEC), the data packets are
split in several blocks. The radio modem
adds correction information inside the
blocks during transmission.
In a SATELLINE-EASy Pro network, any
substation can function as a repeater. In this
operating mode (store and forward), the
radio modem receives a message, buers
the received data, and transmits it further
to another substation, using the same radio
channel as in reception.
SATELLINE-EASy Pro features embedded
Message Routing soware, which takes
care of routing messages across a radio
modem network automatically aer proper
settings have been made. Communication is
completely transparent, which makes
Message Routing directly compatible with
most user protocols.
Heavy-duty tool
for outdoor use
Frequency 403…473 MHz
Tuning Range 70 MHz
Channel Width 12.5 / 20 / 25 kHz (Soware selectable)
Frequency Error Tolerance < 1 kHz
Type of Emission F1D
Communication Mode Half-Duplex
Carrier Power 10, 20, 25 or 35 W / 50 ohm (Default)
5, 10, 20 or 25 W / 50 ohm (Option *)
Carrier Power Stability (+ 2 dB / - 3 dB)
TX Duty Cycle **
35 W
10 W
100 % ( 22 °C / 35 °C ) 40 %
20 min / 13 min no limit
no limit / 50 min no limit
Sensitivity < -114 dBm (BER < 10 E-3) ***
Co-channel Rejection > -12 dB
Adjacent Channel Selectivity > 47 dB @ 12.5 kHz / > 52 dB @ 25 kHz
Intermodulation Attenuation > 60 dB
Spurious Radiation < 2 nW
Interface RS-232
Interface Connector Waterproof IP67, 8-pin ODU
Data Speed of Serial Interface 300 – 38400 bps
Data Speed of Radio Interface 19200 bps ( 25 kHz ) 9600 bps ( 12.5 / 20 kHz )
Data Format Asynchronous RS-232
Input Voltage **** +9 ... +16 Vdc
Operating voltage
4-pin ODU MINI-Snap
Size 1
Power Consumption
1.8 W typical (Receive)
120 W typical (Transmit
35W output power)
100 W typical (Transmit
25W output power)
Temperature Range -
-25 oC … +55 oC
-40 oC … +75 oC
(absolute minimum /
Temperature Range -
-40 oC … +85 oC
Antenna Connector TNC, 50 ohm, female
Construction Aluminium Enclosure
Size H x W x D 189 x 138 x 71 mm (w.
Weight 1420 g
IP Classication IP67 (NEMA 6)
SATELLINE-EASy Pro is an IP67 classied UHF radio
modem with a high power (up to 25 or 35 W) transmitter,
wide 70 MHz tuning range (403 ... 473 MHz) in one
hardware and selectable channel spacing.
SATELLINE-EASy Pro is particularly well suited for
mobile eld applications (land surveying, for
instance) under varying weather conditions. Due to
the high transmitting power, connection distances
more than 80 kilometres can be covered in
favourable conditions.
With the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) the user can
monitor the current operating status (frequency,
channel number) as well as condition (power level,
voltage level, eld strength) of the radio modem.
SATELLINE-EASy Pro is compatible with SATELLINE-
EASy family products too.
Technical specications SATELLINE-EASy Pro
SATELLINE-EASy Pro complies with the EN 300 113, EN 301 489-1, -5, EN 60950-1 and FCC Part 90 specications.
* Limited output power is available as on order option.
** If high output power is used continuously or with a high duty cycle, the equipment generates excess heat. The output
power is automatically decreased when necessary to prevent overheating. Typical operating times are shown in the chart
with dierent output powers and duty cycles @ 22°C and 35°C.
*** Depends on receiver settings.
**** ≥ +12 Vdc @ 35 W output power
Values are subject to change without notice.