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The SATELLINE-1870E radio modem provides
a wireless transparent data link on the European
licence-free 868...870 MHz frequency band. It
is designed for tight integration into the user’s
terminal equipment, and is particularly well
suited for the transfer of data and control
messages in mediumrange
(1–10 km) applications.
In accordance with the regulations on the use
of the 869 MHz band, the maximum output
power of the SATELLINE-1870E is 500 mW. In
the design of the radio modem, special attention
was paid to ensuring reliable operation in
all circumstances. Accordingly, the technical
solutions applied in the radio part minimise
the risk of disturbance from and collision
with other services (DVB-T, TETRA, GSM)
using the ISM/SRD band.
up to around 80 kilometres. Thanks to a store and
forward function, any radio modem in a network
can be used as a master station, substation
and / or repeater.
SATEL radio modem networks are exible, easy to
expand and can cover a wide variety of solutions
from simple point-to-point connections to large
networks comprising hundreds of modems. Even for
expanded networks, only one operating frequency
is required.
With SATEL radio modems, setting up a local data
transfer network is quick and cost eective. Your
wireless network is independent and free of operator
services. The cost of operation is either free of
charge or xed, depending on the frequency used.
SATEL radio modems are typeapproved in over 50
countries. For the latest information, please visit
our website www.satel.com.
SATEL radio modems are always on line, and provide
reliable, realtime data communications over
distances ranging from tens or hundreds of metres
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FI-24101 Salo, FINLAND
Tel. +358 2 777 7800
SATEL Licence Free Radio Modems
Frequency Range 868 ... 870 MHz
Channel Spacing 25 kHz
Frequency Stability ± 2.5 kHz
Type of Emission F1D (Modulation 2-FSK)
Communication Mode Half-Duplex
Carrier Power 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 mW / 50 ohm
Carrier Power Stability + 0 dB … - 1 dB (100 …500 mW)
+ 0 dB …-3 dB (5 …50 mW)
Adjacent Channel Power <-37 dBm
Sensitivity <-108 dBm (BER < 10 E-3)
Adjacent Channel Selectivity > 45 dB
Blocking (typical) > 75 dB @±1MHz, > 85 dB @±10MHz
Interface RS-232
Interface Connector DIN41650-16 pin (male)
Data speed of RS interface 300 - 19200 bps
Data speed of radio interface 9600 bps
Data format Asynchronous RS-232
Operating voltage + 8 ...+ 30 Vdc
Temperature ranges
- Operating
-25 °C ...+55 °C (tests acc. to ETSI standards)
-40 °C ...+75 °C (absolute minimum / maximum)
Temperature ranges
- Storage
-40 °C … +85 °C
Antenna Connector SMA, 50 ohm, female
Construction Aluminium enclosure
Size H x W x D 57 x 125 x 16 mm
Installation plate 130 x 63 x 1 mm
Weight 125 g
Operating mode (typical values)
Transmit on dierent power levels
100 mW 5 mW
8 136 444 244 168 25 55
12 89 296 166 105 19 62
30 40 128 76 47 13 1717
The SATELLINE-1870E operates in a transparent
transfer mode, which ensures compatibility with
most user systems and protocols. If desired, the
modem can be programmed to utilise the
addressing functions of the user’s protocol, to
provide routing or message ltering
functions. The settings of the radio modem
can be changed from an external terminal in
the programming mode or through auxiliary
SL-commands during normal operation.
In case there is a need to extend the coverage of
the radio modem network, SATELLINE-1870E
modems can be used as repeater stations. By
using the Store and Forward function, the radio
modem buers the received data and transmits
it further using the same radio frequency
as in reception.
The SATELLINE-1870E is an appropriate choice
where price and range are important aspects.
With its high output power, good sensitivity,
small size and low power consumption, it meets
both the technical and economical requirements
set on wireless communications in a number of
applications, including:
Remote meter reading
(Gas, Electricity, Heat)
Technical Specications SATELLINE-1870E
The equipment complies with the EN 300 220-1, EN 301 489-1 and EN
60950-1 specications.
Values are subject to change without notice.
Remote control of water distribution
Remote control of irrigation systems
Environmental monitoring
Expert’s help always at hand
With over 20 years of experience, SATEL Oy has grown into one
of the leading radio modem manufacturers in the world. As a
result of our persistent and innovative work in both product
design and international marketing, we now oer an extremely
large selection of radio modems, and operate through an extensive
and skilled distributor network all over the world.
SATEL Oy is an ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 certied company.
The quality of our operations and products is kept as awless
and at as high level as possible.
We have also accumulated a considerable amount of knowhow in
dierent radio modem applications. So, whatever your application
is, do not hesitate to ask for our expert help whenever you need
it. SATELLINE radio modems have been used, for example, at
airports, waterworks and electricity plants for various
monitoring and control applications, as well as to set up location
data-based eet management systems in cities.
SATEL Oy has prepared an extensive set of Application Notes
describing the dierent ways of utilising SATEL radio modems in
various applications. For further information about our products
and their applications, please visit our home page
www.satel.com or contact your local dealer.