With SATEL radio modems, setting
up a local data transfer network is
quick and cost effective. Your wireless
network is independent and free of
operator services. The cost of opera-
tion is either free of charge or fixed,
depending on the frequency used.
SATELLINE radio modems are type-
approved in over 50 countries. For
the latest information, please visit our
SATELLINE radio modems are always
on line, and provide reliable, real-
time data communications over dis-
tances ranging from tens or hundreds
of metres up to around 80 kilome-
tres. Thanks to a store and forward
function, any radio modem in a net-
work can be used as a master station,
substation and / or repeater.
SATELLINE radio modem networks
are flexible, easy to expand and can
cover a wide variety of solutions from
simple point-to-point connections to
large networks comprising hundreds
of modems. Even for expanded net-
works, only one operating frequency
is required.
With over 20 years of experience,
SATEL Oy has grown into one of the
leading radio modem manufacturers
in the world. As a result of our per-
sistent and innovative work in both
product design and international
marketing, we now offer an extreme-
ly large selection of radio modems,
and operate through an extensive
and skilled distributor network all
over the world.
Pulse counter and I/O-converter
Wireless World – Local Solution
SATEL i-LINK is a compact and cost-effective member of the SATELLINK
product group of I/O-converters. Together with the SATELLINE-1870,
-1870E or -1915 radio modem it provides a handy tool for setting up
wireless control and surveillance applications based on pulse counting and
transfer of digital I/O-information.
The i-LINK is equipped with a pulse counter input and two digital inputs and
outputs. It is connected directly to the SATELLINE-1870, -1870E or 1915
radio modem through an RS-232 serial interface. The i-LINK is designed for
easy and cost-effective transfer of information for multitude applications in
our every-day life. Numerous applications exist in the domains of industrial
production, public utilities (water and energy supply systems) as well as in
household use (security applications, business).
In order to offer even more flexibility, Modbus compatible version is avail-
able too.