SATEL EASy-Proof is a versatile data radio
modem providing a exible solution for
applications that require reliable data
transfer. It has IP69K sealed housing and
connectors to ensure the functionality
even under extremely harsh environmental
conditions (e.g. construction equipment,
precision farming, all-terrain vehicles,
automotive and marine).
of metres up to around 80 kilometres. Thanks to
a store and forward function, any radio modem
in a network can be used as a master station,
substation and / or repeater.
SATEL radio modem networks are exible, easy
to expand and can cover a wide variety of solutions
from simple point-to-point connections to large
networks comprising hundreds of modems. Even
for expanded networks, only one operating
frequency is required.
Setting up a local data transfer network is
quick and cost eective with SATEL radio
modems. The wireless network is independent
and free of operator services. The cost of
operation is either free of charge or xed,
depending on the frequency used. SATEL
radio modems are type-approved in
over 50 countries.
SATEL radio modems are always on line and
provide reliable, real-time data communications
over distances ranging from tens or hundreds
SATEL, Meriniitynkatu 17 P.O.Box 142,
FI-24101 Salo, FINLAND
Tel. +358 2 777 7800
SATEL UHF IP69K Radio Modems
Frequency Range 330...420 MHz / 403... 473 MHz
Channel Width 12.5 kHz / 20 kHz / 25 kHz (Programmable)
Tuning Range 90 MHz / 70 MHz
Adjacent Channel
< -60 dBc
Sensitivity BER < 10E-3
-114 dBm @ 12.5 kHz
-111 dBm @ 25 kHz
Adjacent Channel
Selectivity (FEC ON)
>47 dB @ 12.5 kHz
>52 dB @ 25 kHz
Data Speed of Radio
19200 bps (25 kHz channel)
9600 bps (12.5 kHz channel)
Power Consumption,
Save Modes
<1.2 W (Receive)
<3 W (Transmit @ 0.5 W)
<7 W (Transmit @ 1 W)
Sleep: 0.12 W/ DTR: 10 mW
Modulation 4FSK, GMSK
Operating Voltage +6 ... +30 Vdc
Carrier Power 100, 200, 500, 1000 mW
Spurious Emission < -100 dBm (RX), < -80 dBm on 3rd harmonics @
1215 - 1240 MHz (TX)
Blocking (FEC ON) > 86 dB
Selectivity at ±50 kHz > 67dB
Frequency Stability <1 kHz
Type Of Emission F1D
Communication Mode Half-Duplex
Carrien Power
<± 1.5 dB
Spurious Radiation <2 nW
>60 dB
Electrical Interface RS-232
Interface Connector Deutsch DT04-6P-CL09
Data Speed of Serial
300 - 38400 bps
Data Format Asynchronous data
Temperature Range –25…+55 °C (Complies
with standards)
-30…+65 °C (Functional)
-40…+75 °C (Absolute
–40…+85 °C (Storage)
Antenna Connector TNC
Construction Aluminium
Ingress protection 69K
Size H x W x D mm /
176 x 95 x 42 mm / 460 g
SATEL EASy-Proof is IP69K* classied
product that is based on
Compact size, wide (90 / 70 MHz) tuning
and operating voltage (+6...+30 Vdc)
ranges combined with IP69K* sealed
housing and connectors make this
device a perfect match to systems where
the highquality communication and the
modularity are valued.
12.5, 20 and 25 kHz channel widths are
sowareselectable. The output power of
1W enables long connection distances.
Technical Specications
The equipment complies with the EN 300 113, EN 301 489-1, -5, EN 60950-1 and FCC Part 90 specications.
Values are subject to change without notice.
SATEL EASy-Proof is compatible
with SATELLINE modems
and supports GMSK based
communication protocol.
*IP69K-classication is designed
for products that need to stand
high pressure and hot water.
IP69 is an additional sealing
level dene to protect an
envelope from intense water jets
for short duration (Typically for
high pressure cleaning).