Spirent Fit4Launch
Data Sheet
User Experience Analytics Program
Device performance relative to reference Average MOS relative to F4L database
Voice quality metrics - VoLTE network
Downlink Uplink Downlink Uplink
Market drives - MOS average
Market drives - standard deviation
Market drives - % MOS < 2.8
Market drives - % MOS < 2.0
Fit4Launch analytics include pass/fail ratings and comparative rankings of devices.
The best experience wins:
The device uniquely shapes the experience
Device + network = experience. The device and its interaction with the network shape
all aspects of the users experience of services. However, the device is the lens through
which the customer perceives both the network and the service. In this sense, the
device IS the experience. As competition to attract and retain subscribers becomes
even more intense, understanding which devices deliver the best experience is more
important than ever.
All devices are not created equal. Spirent has evaluated the user experience of
thousands of device models over the past 14 years. In a study of smartphones for a
leading operator, we found that the best devices were 60% faster at downloading les
than the worst devices (using the same class of chipsets—see Figure 1). In fact, we’ve
found that the best devices signicantly outperform the worst devices across all user
experience categories.
Which devices deliver the best experience? Devices perform differently depending
on a complex set of factors including radio environment and band, specic network
and device conguration settings, chipsets and other components and the overall
device design. The bottom line: the only way to know which device models deliver a
superior user experience is to evaluate the device in the actual live network or in lab
conditions which emulate the live network.
Identifying the best and worst devices. Based on our work with leading operators
and device manufacturers over the years, we’ve developed a set of best practices
for evaluating and comparing user experience across devices. These best practices
work for any device and any network technology from 3G to VoLTE to Wi-Fi. Most
importantly, the best practices include a robust statistical approach that ensures the
best and worst performing devices are reliably identied.
Rank the user experience of all
devices on your network with
a turnkey service managed by
Implement more effective
marketing campaigns and
customer retention initiatives
by understanding which
devices deliver the best
experience on your network
Improve user experience
by working with device
manufacturers to improve
the worst performing device
Negotiate based on the user
experience rank of device
manufacturers vs. competitors
All devices aren’t created equal
Live network le download speed
Figure 1: A comparison of live network le
download speeds for 23 device models
from 11 device manufacturers. Each device
was compared to the same reference
-60% -40% -20% 0% 20% 40%
Device OEM 11
Device OEM 11
Device OEM 11
Device OEM 1
Device OEM 9
Device OEM 8
Device OEM 1
Device OEM 7
Device OEM 5
Device OEM 5
Device OEM 7
Device OEM 6
Device OEM 3
Device OEM 6
Device OEM 7
Device OEM 6
Device OEM 6
Device OEM 6
Device OEM 5
Device OEM 4
Device OEM 3
Device OEM 2
Device OEM 1
User Experience Analytics by Spirent
Spirent Fit4Launch
User Experience Analytics Program
2 www.spirent.com
Fit4Launch: Turnkey service to evaluate and
rank the user experience of devices
Rank all your devices. Fit4Launch is a turnkey service provided
by Spirent to evaluate and rank the user experience of all your
mobile devices. Fit4Launch is customized to each operators
specic needs, delivering user experience scorecards for each
device as well as overall device portfolio rankings.
Measure what matters. Fit4Launch evaluates the key factors
that impact the user experience of voice, video, and data for
3G, LTE (VoLTE, ViLTE), 5G and Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi) services. Our
experience metrics include call setup time, call setup success
and retention, speech quality, conversational speech delay,
video smoothness, web browsing speed, le download speed
and more.
On the live network (and/or in the lab). Fit4Launch evaluates
user experience in both the live network and the lab. In the
live network, Fit4Launch evaluates experience in the locations
where your subscribers use their devices, including both
mobile and stationary environments. In the lab, Fit4Launch
evaluates aspects of experience only possible in the lab, such
as speech quality for various types of noise.
Get results in days. We know how critical time to market is.
Thats why we provide results for each device we evaluate in a
matter of days. Depending on the specic evaluation program,
results are available 5-15 days after receipt of devices.
Answer “why.We don’t just measure the experience—we also
provide critical data for triaging the root causes of poor user
experience. Our VoLTE analytics use RTP and RF data to help
isolate root causes to the device, network or device-network
interaction. Our lab-based tests use emulated network nodes to
isolate device-specic issues related to RF performance, codec
or noise-cancelling algorithms.
Turnkey service. We start by sharing our best practices
for evaluating the user experience of new devices and
understanding your specic needs. Then we develop an
evaluation criteria and testing workow tailored to those
specic needs. Finally, we manage all aspects of the testing
workow, so you can focus on your core business.
Reliable and proven. With thousands of device models
evaluated across all major device manufacturers, our best
practices for evaluating user experience are based on years of
experience. Furthermore, our evaluation criteria include robust
statistical controls to ensure results are reliable and repeatable.
Device ranking balanced scorecard
overall rank
Model A 1 1 2 2 3
Model B 2 3 1 1 2
Model C 3 2 4 5 1
Model D 4 2 3 4 5
Model E 5 5 5 3 4
Fit4Launch enables all your devices to be ranked based on User Experience.
User experience analytics by Spirent
Fit4Launch is part of a suite of services and systems that
provide an unmatched range of user experience analytics
Web browsing
File transfer
Spirent Fit4Launch
User Experience Analytics Program
Fit4Launch Test Library
Voice experience (3G, VoLTE, VoWi-Fi)
Live network
Speech quality in stationary & mobile environments
Call initiation & retention in stationary & mobile environments
Network edge retention
Speech & calling during handover
Speech and calling during simultaneous voice & data service usage
Lab (emulated network/channel)
Speech quality in degraded channel
Speech quality by codec
Speech quality in noise (p.835, PESQ, g.160)
Handset & speakerphone acoustic speech quality and loudness
Bluetooth speech quality
Echo cancellation & double talk
Data experience (LTE, 5G)
Live network
File transfer speed (HTTP/FTP) in stationary & mobile environments
Streaming data speed (UDP) in stationary & mobile environments
Web browsing speed in stationary & mobile environments
File transfer during simultaneous voice & data service usage
Lab (emulated network)
File transfer speed in degraded channel
MiFi throughput
Tethered le transfer speed
LTE le transfer speed
Video experience
Live network
Video calling in stationary & mobile environments
Video streaming for OTT applications
Lab (emulated network)
Video streaming on emulated network
Location experience
Live network
Control and user plane location accuracy, time to x and yield
Fit4Launch is a turnkey service for
evaluating the user experience of devices
in the live network and lab.