SPAN® GNSS Inertial Navigation Systems

Combining GNSS receiver technology with Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) provides a superior positioning solution with 3D position, attitude (roll, pitch, yaw) and velocity. Used with commercial cards or with SAASM.

SPAN® on OEM7® Receivers

Multi-frequency GNSS receivers that use a 555 channel architecture and is capable of tracking all current and upcoming GNSS constellations. Multiple form factor, configuration and firmware options available

SPAN® on OEM6® Receivers

SPAN capable GNSS receivers including board level and board + enclosure products


IMUs from leading manufacturers. Range of performance levels available

SPAN Combined Systems

Compact, single enclosure GPS/INS system

MEMS Interface Card

The compact, lightweight MIC supports power and communication functions of our SPAN MEMS solutions.