VEXXIS® GNSS-500 Series Antennas

VEXXIS GNSS-500 Series Antennas

The VEXXIS GNSS-500 series of antennas provide outstanding circularly polarized, symmetric radiation patterns with superior multipath rejection performance. Patented multi-point feeding network and radiation pattern optimization technology provides stable phase center, as well as exceptional low elevation satellite tracking while achieving high peak zenith gain. This new technology enables the antenna to track the maximum number of satellites in any environment for an enhanced positioning solution.

The low profile design and aerodynamic enclosure is ideal for ground vehicles in applications such as agriculture, machine control and mobile mapping. Vehicle mounting is easy with the antennas’ magnetic or screw mounting options. Signal reception is unaffected by the rotation of the antenna or satellite elevation, further simplifying installation and placement. An exceptionally designed, durable enclosure has been proven to sustain harsh conditions by meeting IP67 and MIL-STD-810G for vibration and salt fog.

Both antennas in the VEXXIS GNSS-500 series are capable of receiving correction services transmitted in the L-Band, such as TerraStar. Customers can use the antenna for GPS-only or multi-constellation applications, resulting in increased flexibility and reduced equipment costs.


  • L1, L2, E1, E5b, B1, B2 supported frequencies, including L-band signal reception
  • Multi-point antenna feed provides stable phase center and enhanced multipath rejection
  • Low-profile enclosure ideal for machine control applications
  • Designed for high quality performance when used with NovAtel® GLIDE™ technology
  • Magnetic or screw mount options for easy installation
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