GPS-GNSS Application Packages

eCall Compliance Testing

eCall Compliance TestingCompliance testing for eCall, which will be mandatory in all new cars sold within EU after April 2018.Product Information

GPS Sensor Simulation

GPS Sensor SimulationGPS simulators can generate signals for other types of sensors for a comprehensive system test of the navigation system.Product Information

RTK-DGNSS Virtual Reference Station

RTK-DGNSS Virtual Reference StationStream RTCM correction data messages for testing RTK/DGNSS receivers.Product Information

Real-Time Trajectories

Real-Time TrajectoriesReal-time trajectories allow integration of GPS simulation in HIL test systems.Product Information

Testing GPS Time Transfer

Testing GPS Time TransferSpectracom's GPS/GNSS simulator is the most precise available for high performance time transfer testing and calibration.Product Information

M-Code Receiver Testing

M-Code Receiver TestingTo ensure successful transition from SAASM to M-Code receivers as mandated by the US DoD, use Spectracom's M-Code test feature using AES encryption.Product Information

GPS Testing with Recorded Signals

GPS Testing with Recorded SignalsRecording satellite navigation radio signals from live sky is a convenient way to create a test scenario for repeated playback in the lab. Product Information