Other Software


SaTerm is software, which can be used for configuration, testing, reprogramming and for updating the firmware of the SATELLINE–3AS Epic DB, –3ASd Epic DB, -EASy  and –EASy Pro radio modems.



Point-to-multipoint program for driving SATEL I-LINK and i-LINK I/O-converters. Operate systems, which are connected to the I/O-ports, change values, collect pulses and monitor the radio link. For max. 127 slaves.


Configuration Manager

SATEL Configuration Manager (CM) is available for SATELLINE-M3-TR1, -EASy, -EASy Pro, -M3-R3, -M3-TR3, -M3-TR4, -M3-TR8, -EASy 869, -M3-TR1 869, Compact-Proof and EASy-Proof products. The program makes it possible to edit the modem settings and update the firmware.


Help Editor

Help Editor can be used for creating and editing different language versions for Configuration Manager.


FCS Monitor

Free Channel Scanning Monitor program can be used for setting the FCS parameters and for loading them to modems and for monitoring the channels for noise or interference.


Channel List Editor

Channel List Editor program can be used for creating the channel list for Epic Pro modems.